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Fine Art, Fur and Feathers - Pat SuperFly Cohen Lands at CarpPro

Fine Art Fly Tier and Innovator Joins CarpPro Pro-Team 

Pat Cohen - Fly-tying Fine Artist

Jan 25, 2014 - Round Rock, TX — CarpPro today announced that Pat Cohen has joined its pro-team. Upstate New York-based Pat owns and creates some of the most startlingly beautiful display flies we've seen. An avid carp angler, Pat has created a range of nymphs specifically to target these "golden bones."

Although not new to fishing, Pat is relatively new to fly fishing. "My first experience with carp involved corn flakes and sitting on a dock in Sacondaga Lake in New York State," Pat explains. "I was about 16. I started targeting carp very shortly after getting in to fly fishing. A good friend of mine showed me how to target them with flies. After my first hookup that was it…the obsession began."

That obsession began in 2008 and by 2009 Pat was tying his own flies. Today, he is a full-time custom fly tier and fly materials supplier and developer. He owns

"I spend more days on the water targeting carp than most other species," he add "I'm constantly trying new presentation techniques to increase eats. I developed a special dubbing blend, Cohen's Carp Dub, to aid in better carp fly creation and I've developed many successful carp flies and continue to create and test more regularly."

Fine Art flies from Pat Cohen

Indeed, Cohen's Carp Dub is getting rave reviews, notably from Dan Frasier, CarpPro owner and fly-fishing pro-team manager. "Pat has created something pretty special with his carp dub," says Dan. "It's going to be a bog seller. Pat is an incredibly gifted tier and a real innovator. It's exciting to have that sort of talent around and we're thrilled to have him join the team."

That shared vision includes Pat's view that carp should be treated with the regard they're sporting prowess deserves.

"Carp create one of the most exciting and challenging opportunities to fly anglers in fresh water," says Pat. "I'm delighted to join with CarpPro to elevate carp to game fish status, and to help more fly anglers appreciate the challenge that carp offer."

Please join us in welcoming Pat to the CarpPro family and check out his incredible creations at

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